Into The Deep

And the snow goes on



When I took this photo, there was about 4 feet of fresh snow on the ground
Currently we are buried in over 5 feet of this white stuff
and it keeps coming and coming.
Lucky us here in Massachusetts
we seem to have hit the jackpot this winter.

33 days until Spring!

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19 thoughts on “Into The Deep

  1. It is beautiful but I have to agree: enough is enough. It’s unbelievable how New England and the Maritimes have been hit this winter, but Massachusetts worst of all. We’re still waiting for our storm to begin, supposed to start overnight. I’m hoping it’s the first and last for this year. After we get it, it’s heading to you. **sigh**

  2. It is beautiful but I agree: enough is enough! Our storm is due to begin overnight and then it’s headed to you. **sigh** It is unbelievable how hard New England and the Maritimes have been hit this winter, particularly Massachusetts. And not a darn thing we can do about it!

  3. I do love how the path in the deep snow leads us forward to those trees and the horizon. I also like the inclusion of the fence post which gives us visual balance as well as a place to put our hand when we climb over the fence to continue our journey! Snowfalls in the countryside always give a feeling of hushed quietness which you’ve captured here!

  4. Wow you’ve had the snow for sure. It’s been amazing seeing all the snow people back east have had. Here we’ve had pretty much “zero” and they are really predicting a very dry summer which is bad for the crops and the forest. Guess either way it’s not easy to deal with. – I like your snowy photo though.

  5. Your image is gorgeous, and the snow is beautiful, but I know enough is enough. My niece and nephew live in Boston and they say they are “so done with it.” Hang in there, it will eventually pass — I hope soon!

  6. I had to run away from it Susan there is so much where we are…not sure if I’ll get back in the drive-way when I return…but this sunshine and warmth is doing wonders for my soul…
    I do love this photo though…so clean, crisp, with the promise of a white winter…but then it went south…way to much…LOL
    Enjoy…I’ll be back soon…

  7. Thank you all for your visits and kind words (and sympathy!). I guess it has been quite the strange winter for everyone this year. The snow is so deep now, I can’t walk my usual trails and I miss that. Thinking I need to buy a pair of snowshoes!

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