Licht Years

where are you going, where have you been?



the warm and the cold

…We want the spring to come and the winter to pass. We want
whoever to call or not call, a letter, a kiss — we want more and more and then more of it.

But there are moments, walking, when I catch a glimpse of myself in the window glass,
say, the window of the corner video store, and I’m gripped by a cherishing so deep

for my own blowing hair, chapped face, and unbuttoned coat that I’m speechless:
I am living…

~ Marie Howe
(excerpt from “What the Living Do”)

21 thoughts on “living

  1. dcrinehart

    This photo is so cozy … I can just imagine the room inside with a fire glowing in the fireplace and a bit pot of hot tea and scones. Great words, too!

  2. Susan Post author

    Thank you all so much. That snow just keeps coming and coming. I usually don’t mind the snow (although I wish winter were a bit shorter!) but this is just crazy. I’ve lived here all my life and never seen anything like this!

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