in the dead of winter



huddled together

a hint of frost



 a bit of light


One winter day
something will shine out
from an everyday object
and the darkness will flood with light.
Something we have seen
a thousand times
suddenly becomes
the sentinel of
another world.

~ Marv and Nancy Hiles

28 thoughts on “in the dead of winter

  1. Some wonderful winter light and beauty here today, Susan. It can be a challenge to find these shots in winter but you aced it!

  2. We can feel through all these lovely images that our January days are getting longer and the light is returning again. I especially love that wonderful leaf that you called ‘a hint of frost’ and that first shot is so dainty!

  3. Love each one Susan! You are truly gifted to finding and capturing light. I love the third one from the top. I can imagine being there to capture it.

  4. These have such a delicate beauty. You keep showing us how true it is that beauty can be found everywhere – thank you for always being on the lookout for it!

  5. Well, Susan, you’ve hit a homer with this post!
    That quote speaks truth! Everyday objects have a whole new aura when seen in the bright winter light.
    The photos are just wonderful! Wow oh wow

  6. Thank you all so much for you visits and kind comments, always so appreciated. Hope to catch up with you all soon..right now I’m hunkering down in preparation for a snowstorm of epic proportions that is due to hit us Monday night! I may be buried for a while!

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