the last hurrah

autumn's last hurrah




autumn warmth

barberries and bokeh


I'll catch you when you fall

lone survivor

It’s noticing that cracks us open, lets something in.
Shows we’re in use.
Uses us.
Right now. Right this minute.

~ Lia Purpura, On Looking

the last survivors of November
the last of the vibrant color
now fading and turning brown
the cold has hit
with a dusting of snow
winter has arrived early this year
time to hibernate

27 thoughts on “the last hurrah

  1. All of those photo’s are just so beautiful and we really have to wait another entire year until we see them again…:( I know you will be giving us some great holiday treats though…with your light.

  2. Your autumn did indeed go out with a ‘hurrah’! Ours wimped away as we scored our first snow day from school today. And I bemoaned the fact that I didn’t get as many autumn photos as I did in other years. It was fleeting this season. So I’m all the more grateful that you’ve shared yours with me. They’re beautiful.

  3. There’s one thing I don’t take for granted, it’s the colors of autumn. It really opens my eyes to the landscape and beauty of New England. This fall has been pretty mild, I think, I’m never ready for winter. Lovely images, always.

  4. Time to hibernate! Yes indeed when the first snow falls it really gets us in the mood!
    All gorgeous captures, but that first one really grabbed me – in the nicest way!
    We are still in rainy mode here – no beautiful light to photograph for the time being!

  5. Those yellows are lovely and the Japanese Maples were just gorgeous this year. I had such fun taking shots of them last weekend, but the images all ended up on my FB page! So glad you shared yours here

  6. Seeing these beautiful images so full of Autumn’s colors makes me really grateful for you who photograph and share the autumn surrounding you! Truly gorgeous!

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