Sunday story






red tree-Exposure2

street collage



Coffee collage


“Sunday, the day for the language of leisure.”

~ Elfriede Jelinek, The Piano Teacher

24 thoughts on “Sunday story

  1. What a perfect Sunday! Such a light and easy feeling but so full of warmth. Love the sassy lampshade, and the coffee, and the leaves, and the rusty bike with the flowers and the . . . !

  2. Ah, you have such a great eye (actually, two of them!). I was just in Concord with some CA friends this past week and saw what you clicked. Your images are even more beautiful than from the naked eye.

  3. So many different levels for liking this set. I was hit with olfactory memories of decaying leaves brought on by a warm autumn sun – a smell from my childhood and one that I miss living in a land of conifers. The bike tugs at my artistic heartstrings and the coffee…the all-time comfort elixir but even more so on a cool, crisp day.
    The lamp? Oh how I would love a piece that bold in my house!

  4. I always wonder how they make those designs in the cappucino 🙂
    The bike is a wonderful capture, and the sign welcoming people to “come on up”.
    A lovely day chronicled beautifully!

  5. Oh Susan, these are tremendous images, every one! Besides your composition and clarity, I am truly loving how you so expertly capture the candid reality. And bravo for taking some photos where the leaves are off the trees, revealing their winter skeleton — too many people would avoid doing so or simply would not share them. To me, that’s the part that really catches my eye! Actually, as I’m typing I’m realizing that is one of the things that I appreciate so much about many of your images — they are real, not staged. Love it.

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