beam me up, Scotty

beam me up, Scotty

hello November
and daylight savings
while the hummers are long gone
I plan to savor every beam of light I can
during these long cold months ahead.

19 Comments on “beam me up, Scotty

  1. What a fantastic catch this was! The shorter days are certainly upon us, but then sunset at the beach comes quicker (looking on the bright side?)

  2. How you captured this incredibly fast motion I don’t know but Good On You!!! Beautiful!

  3. Love your sweet little hummer! Yes, chasing the light is one of my principle quests as the days get shorter and the light less vibrant.

  4. Hummingbirds always remind me of my father – he always loved them. They’re incredible little creatures aren’t they?! Wonderful capture😊

  5. cracking angle which I have not really seen before – your philosophy is a good way to look at the shorter days a principle which I may adopt myself

  6. Such a clever shot of the hummingbird showing us his fanned out tail feathers, his gorgeous throat-colour and those wings moving so rapidly!

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