around the kitchen table (and a bit beyond)


pie baking


flowers table



woolens pumpkins

mantle collage





The kitchen table has seen much activity this month besides just the everyday meals
there have been transitions and adjustments, oldest son home to visit, youngest son off to North Carolina to attend grad school
two apple pies baked
warm woolens have been brought down from the attic (we may actually see some snow this coming weekend)
painting my own backdrops for still life photos
lots of photo editing
first fire in the fireplace
first loaf of bread baked

fall decorations on the mantle
the usual cups of coffee in the morning
tea in the afternoon
along with much discussion regarding politics, Isis and ebola
and then there was the pumpkin carving, roasting seeds
and general clowning around that followed

now that my son has returned to “The Buckeye State”
it is time for me to get back into my schedule
I have been a bit absent from the blogosphere lately.

25 thoughts on “around the kitchen table (and a bit beyond)

  1. Such a beautiful gallery of kitchen table activities. It reminded me of how much love has been produced and stored in my kitchen and around my table over the past 50 years. Added to your list would be making cut-out cookies with grandsons, making crafts for Christmas presents with granddaughters, sewing quilts and lots canning. And of course all the meals with laughter and love. Thanks, Susan.

  2. Super well done, as always, Susan! Loved all the photos and your excellent writing! Loved the pumpkin with the seeds outside! This post really shows some of the most rewarding activities of the fall, discussions included. Thank you!

  3. These beautiful photos really reflect the changing of the season, and it gives a warm feeling. Thank you for the lovely post, Susan!
    Happy Halloween to you, too. 🙂

  4. What a wealth of warm, welcoming, wonderful images.How’s that for alliteration? You create a supremely blissful, comfy mood with these. I love them all but the wine and the bread really look appealing!

  5. So much creativity here! Love that so much centres around the kitchen table. I also love your front porch! You still have flowers blooming!

  6. Set me a seat at that table…your kitchen looks a lot like mine…is that fireplace in your kitchen? Mine is, it’s one of the main reason’s we bought this house…keep making those apple pies because before you know it there won’t be children there to eat them…once they are off on their own…and the little guys aren’t in to them yet…such a busy but happy life I’m seeing here…
    Enjoy each day…your photo’s always tell a story…

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