Island Escape (summer memories by the sea)







biri 5


biri 4

biri 6

biri 2



over the bluffs






biri 3


beach cabanas

one last look at summer

Block Island, Rhode Island

22 Comments on “Island Escape (summer memories by the sea)

  1. Stunning photos of the summer memories! The bird flew above the sea is the fabulous capture. Gorgeous the sunset!!

  2. Every photo a perfect memory…I loved the donut one and the bike ride and all the oceans scenes with the diamonds dancing…You have captured Block Island beautifully…now I need to put that on my list for next year…did you stay at Dick’s…it looks sweet…
    Do you know, I have never been and yet it’s so close…thanks for the push…and for the views…

    • The last time we were there was 30 years ago…way before you were born! It’s still exactly the same, very laid back and unpretentious, unlike The Vineyard and Nantucket. A tiny (less than 20 miles around) but beautiful island! You will have to come with us next time!

  3. What a lovely place and a great way to say goodbye to summer. I LOVE those New England shorelines. So many gorgeous landscapes, greenery and small towns.

  4. Be still my heart because those took my breath away. Sigh….I so wish I could have been there too. What a lovely way to say good-bye to summer.

  5. Scintillating water, happy silhouettes on the beach and all the other joys of the summer season. You have captured them all here! Happy, carefree captures!

  6. So wonderful to look at your photos – the clarity of light is fantastic. And you know I love the stones!

  7. I can’t thank you enough, everyone…for your visits and such nice comments. Hope that you all get to experience Block Island someday!

  8. Loving your images (as usual) as I try to catch up with blogging after a week+ in the mountains without internet. It’s an uphill struggle.

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