charlotte has left the building

abandoned from the trail


inside 1

inside 2

inside 3

inside light



You’ll meet only a few people
in your whole life
who are truly abandoned houses –
run down, worn out,
collapsing at the seams.
I’m not asking you to take a hammer and nails
and pin up their rafters,
fix their leaky faucets,
or put new panes of glass in their windows;
I am asking you to simply open their door,
and spend some time
memorizing their floor plan.
get to know them.
And when the time comes, I want you
to draw back their curtains,
and, once and for all
let the light in.

~author unknown

(abandoned building found on the grounds of the old Westborough State Psychiatric Hospital, 1884-2010)

**I came across this poem while browsing on Pinterest one day and it struck me. Unfortunately, I was unable to track down the author, so if anyone has a clue, I’d love to give credit here.

23 thoughts on “charlotte has left the building

  1. Definitely a new direction for you. Actually a bit creepy in my opinion, but you certainly found the perfect words to go with the derelict building.

    1. Very creepy, Gunta. I was walking some trails that run close to the hospital property when I turned a corner and came upon this..I was both fascinated and a bit scared.

  2. I have always been entranced by abandonment and dereliction… The words you have found certainly add to these images. Hope you track the author down.

  3. Don’t know who wrote those words, but they work really well with your photos. I love the reflections in the window in the second shot…

  4. Oh my, this is one of those posts that touches me in a place where words don’t work. Old and abandoned is the subject that I am drawn to and this poem may be the ideal, verbal representation as to why.

  5. It always saddens me to see crumbling buildings in the US. There’s so little respect for the past and to preserve the history. We’re so quick to tear down and build something new. I love to see old buildings being restored and given a second life. This building looks like it could have been given that second life.

  6. Wonderful photos. I am always mesmerised by these kinds of photos of old abandoned houses and buildings. And saddened too. Who stayed there. What happened there? It really get me.

  7. I saw this post yesterday morning and commented then but I found the images, and poem, resonated within me throughout the day. “Charlotte is free”, I hope, wherever she is, she is also at peace.

  8. Striking and haunting images Susan! And I love those words on the outside of the building, it fits an old psychiatric hospital perfectly – however she became free – she is free! May not be related to the hospital of course, but it’s an intriguing thought that it might be.

    Did a bit of a Goggle for those words, and only found it listed on someone’s Facebook, not set out as a poem, or saying if it was theirs or not. It actually reads a lot like poetry I read on Tumblr blogs, (there are some really excellent poets on Tumblr) I have another blog on Tumblr, where I do slightly different poetry, and it definitely reminds me of the kind of style that is very common on there. Could have been copied and pasted at some point without giving any credit, and forever lost it’s owner. Or possibly the blog has been deleted some time ago. I’m sure if it was a famous writer it would turn up somewhere. It’s a pity it can’t be credited, it’s really very good!! 🙂

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