shadow work

shadow of time




tiny shadow

sun and shadow

“Maybe the only thing each of us can see is our own shadow.

Carl Jung called this his shadow work. He said we never see others. Instead we see only aspects of ourselves that fall over them. Shadows. Projections. Our associations.

The same way old painters would sit in a tiny dark room and trace the image of what stood outside a tiny window, in the bright sunlight.

The camera obscura.

Not the exact image, but everything reversed or upside down.”
~ Chuck Palahniuk

23 thoughts on “shadow work

  1. I can’t tell you how much I love these images. I have always loved light and shadow. On those rare occasions that I direct plays, I always have light in mind. These are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us today.

  2. Your images have such a unique quality that I can’t quite put a name to. They are always so evocative and simply lovely. Thank you for sharing them…. ❤

  3. Beautiful shadows – they’re one of those things that we don’t notice often but when we do they somehow enhance everything.

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