it’s always enough


After all the others.
It’s the one that goes at the end.
It has to.
It’s so far behind you have to squint.

It’s there.

After so many words
and after so many brushstrokes
after our days of dabs and breaths.
After the floor is swiped at
and the dishes are washed
and covers tucked, curls mussed, a forehead kissed.
It seems like it must be there.
We’re too tired to be entirely sure.
We’re sure.

There it is
at the end.
Too exhausted to be much other than what it is.
And yet
it’s always enough.

~ Shawna Lemay
Blue Feast

Hello April and Happy National Poetry Month!

Sharing just one of my favorite poems today
and the timing couldn’t be better, as Shawna’s new book “Asking”
is coming out this week!

Hope to share some more favorites with you throughout the month

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