pink house, blue door

pink house, blue door

stopping by to wish you a happy spring!
this is the most spring color I could find outdoors at the moment
had some fun playing with a bit of texture here
Enjoy your weekend
hope it’s more spring-like where you are!

14 thoughts on “pink house, blue door

  1. Very springlike here except for a nasty biting wind. Not to mention the storm that’s being predicted for next week. But the flowers are all popping out. The azalea is already DONE for this year.

  2. What an unusual house. I do like the blue door against the light coloured paintwork.
    It seems that spring is being a little shy in some parts of the world and therefore it will be so much more appreciated and enjoyed when it really does come! Have a happy Sunday, Susan.

  3. Yup, color is a bit of problem here too, and it sounds like it may get worse before it gets better (we have a major snowstorm in the forecast for midweek).

    This looks like a beautiful painting, and I just love the colors.

    Hope you’ve had a great weekend, and i wish you a wonderful week ahead.

  4. oh but the colours truly are spring like. And I do love how you used textures here. May you be filled with the spirit of spring all week long

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