16 thoughts on “out to the blue

  1. Wonderful skies and sand captures! My favourites are numbers three and five. That owl shot is wonderful too! Hope your week is happy now the snow is definitely melting!

  2. You found your Snowy Owl, and it’s one of the best I’ve seen – nice and close! Your seaside photos are all just beautiful – the blue is so gorgeous and refreshing. Makes a soul want to just sit there for a long time and soak it all inside.

  3. So very, very nice to see some color! 😉 And that last shot was such a pleasant treat. Amazing. Color me green with envy that you folks back east are seeing the snowies. But I don’t begrudge, given the nasty weather you’ve had!

  4. I love the one with the curl of the wave – so beautiful!♥ And the warm sky one is like something from a dream – certainly a subject I’d like to dream of! 🙂

  5. I always wanted to go to down to the ocean in winter….so I could know what it feels like to walk on a sandy beach covered in snow. The 7th photo of the driftwood…it looks like it is crawling down the beach!

  6. What a celebration – and what a terrific surprise ending, too. I saw my first Snowy owl on a dune on the beach on Long Island, many years ago. They are such magnetic beings. That wave curl is sweet!! One could dive right in – but I know it’s cold!

  7. What a captivating series of images! I love the colors of the ocean, especially the celadon/green/blue seen in the curl of a wave … as captured so beautifully in image #5. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Beautiful ocean walk! I love it whenever people holding hands sneak into a photo. Love your snowy owl too – I’ve never seen one that close!

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