Licht Years

where are you going, where have you been?

signs of life


late winter


the road




Snowy, way out in the marsh




through the marsh


river sunset


on a Sunday afternoon
along the salt marsh
on Plum Island

did you spot the snowy owl in the 7th photo?

28 thoughts on “signs of life

  1. Sandra

    What a lovely series , my favourites are the second and the eleventh photos. The pastel skies, the snow, melting in patches and the contrast of the soft orange vegetation. Wonderful capture of that bird (owl?) in flight with the down-stretched wings.

  2. Gunta

    Oh my goodness… paint me green with envy. You not only got to see a snowy, but even a shot of it. There’s some compensation for the nasty winter you’ve had this year! Such lovely images of the melting snow and blue skies.

  3. sued51

    Hard to pick a favorite because they are all so beautiful! I loved the first two until I kept scrolling down to the sunsets! You are so lucky to have seen and photographed a snowy owl!

  4. mpejovic

    Oh, that snowy owl is beautiful! I heard they came down south this winter because of the cold. Very nice opportunity for you!
    I remember visiting Plum Island once when I lived in CT. It was in the winter and I had never seen snow on the beach before! And I have to say, there was a lot less snow than on your beautiful pictures.

  5. Cheryl

    I am so glad I found this Susan…your photo’s of Plum Island are wonderful, especially your owl shots…love the one in flight with the light…I spend a lot of time here and I got quite a few snowy’s here in 2014 but none this past winter. It is such a beautiful place…you showed it off wonderfully.

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