20 more days…

a good book and a cup of spring

blue morning

to brighter days

some flowers for you
on this last day of February
I’m so not sorry to see it end
Spring arrives on March 20
at 12:57 pm
it can’t come soon enough!

Happy weekend friends!

26 Comments on “20 more days…

  1. Wishing you springlike weather to arrive early! It’s certainly been a long, hard winter. There is always something so soothing and gentle about your images.

  2. Such a lovely flowery welcome on this first day of March! I just love that first image of the cup of daisies, framed by the open pages of the book.
    Happy month of March and awakening spring!

  3. Beautiful, love the top photo. Finally March is here!

  4. I see that autumn starts March 1 Downunder, how about we adopt their seasons? Clocks ahead March 9! It’s coming!

  5. You may be tired of winter, but look what that feeling has “forced” you to do – it’s beautiful and full of life!

  6. Weather wise it’s officially Spring now 🙂 I feel like it’s improving here and even on a dull day today I’m loving seeing the blossom coming out! I love how you’ve displayed and pictured the flowers Susan!

  7. these are so brilliant. That first image really speaks to me. Happy weekend and March on!

  8. The colour and light….I might just have to come back here and enjoy these over the coming days….

  9. Gorgeous flowers, especially the spiky blue ones!! Do you know what they are called? Just thought I’d mention – new name, blue face, but the same Suzy as before! 😉

    • Suzy! So happy you’re back! About those flowers, someone told me that they looked like Blue Thistle Flowers. I’m not 100% sure.

      • Oh yes, they do look like flowers you get on thistles – they can be very pretty sometimes, for a very prickly plant! 🙂

  10. Beautiful pictures. I just love the first one. Makes me want to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. Such extreme weather everywhere this year. We were jumping for joy because we got a little rain this weekend as it has been so dry and hot. I am sending you some our our California sunshine!

    • So glad you finally got some rain! As for that California sunshine..I’d LOVE some, thank you!

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