in the blue bowl

“Before she could speak, my daughter taught me the language of silent things: fruits, flowers, an oaken chair. I came to understand, through my relationship to this small being, why the word adult forms the root of adulteration and adultery. Watching her, it became apparent that, as we mature, we fall from grace of the whole-seeing beginner’s mind that is our birthright. If, as Emily Dickinson says, “What awaits us in the unfurnished eye,” then what awaits us are the senses we were born with. She’s a teenager now, but when Lila was six months old she reawakened me to the way in which an orange speaks”

~ Anita Doyle

11 thoughts on “re-awakening

  1. That quotation is so lovely and so true and a good reminder to go with your lovely bowl of brightly coloured oranges.
    Sometimes, I observe very young children and even babies, and can see through their eyes how they observe everything with such keen and unspoilt attention: “the unfurnished eye”. Perfect!

  2. gosh, it was those luscious oranges and how you photographed them that drew me but then I read that remarkable quote. Wow, what a poetic bit of wisdom. Simply beautiful

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