these days

the old train trestle

little red barn

aside from a few jaunts around town
I’ve been mostly house-bound lately
as we’ve had some pretty hefty snowstorms
and I’ve been battling a nasty cold
which left me with very little ambition

saturday morning

a soup kind of day

my little red teapot has gotten lots of use
and I’ve been trying some new soup recipes

when snow gets in your eyes

blue bird, blue bird
the little juncos continue to be a source of entertainment
and for the first time, we had a new little visitor at the feeder


pastel painting by Mike Benton

fresh flowers from the grocery store brighten up the house and remind me that spring is really not far off
and a very nice surprise from a new Flickr friend who posted a wonderful pastel painting of my tulips…how cool is that?!
you can view more of his work HERE

Let your love shine

and today is Valentine’s Day
the sun is starting to shine
and since I’m feeling a bit better
I just may go out and play in the snow
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone
and have a wonderful weekend!

15 thoughts on “these days

  1. Such lovely images of winter inside and out. I love your little red teapot and the matching Japanese type bowl. Those bird shots are so endearing and I saw your heart shape in the snow on that last shot. Lovely! Happy Valentine’s Day and have a great weekend.

  2. Wow, I wish I could be half as productive as you on an unambitious day! These photos are absolutely wonderful. They give me the sense of snow, winter, silence, cold beauty, and warm love inside.

  3. I’m utterly enthralled with all the images. There’s always such a heart warming quality to them. Your darling red teapot and the birds and every last one…. but how DID you manage to do the heart in the last one?

  4. There are so many delectable images here. How fun to have someone take off from your photo and make another image. Your junco photo is beautiful, really beautiful – I think it’s essence of junco – you know the old word for them is “snowbird” – we have them out here too, but they look a little different (even our crows are a little different!). And how about that bluebird at the feeder! Banner day! And that super subtle little heart in the snow – wonderful. You made the most out of a potentially dreary time.

  5. So glad that you are feeling better, Susan
    I just got back inside from shoveling (yet again!!!), and these photographs make me feel warm and cozy. Thank you!!!

    I love the painting. I’ve been playing with Corel Painter X3. It’s pretty amazing, but steeeeeeeep learning curve.

    I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  6. It’s so flattering to have someone want to paint your photograph. I adore the one he chose. I had that happen last year with a photo of my (then) two dogs. It turned out beautifully and apparently it sold quickly! Glad you’re feeling better!

  7. I love the painting of your photo – that’s really nice that you inspired him to do that. The teapot and soup have such a comforting feel to them. Hope you’re feeling better these days!

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