DSC_0119 (3)

a dusting


DSC_0295 (2)


snow hats


and once again, my world is frosted
(minus 4 degrees when I woke up this morning!)

“there is a season for wildness
and a season for settledness,
and this is neither.
this season is about becoming.”
~ s. neiquist

18 thoughts on “reprise

  1. How lovely to see the falling snow in those first two pictures. Snow in the countryside is always so beautiful, but in the city it’s a little less fun! I really love that last but one image, the light is so soft and those little snow-covered stalks so charming in their simplicity!

  2. Truly gorgeous images (as usual), but I bet you may be thinking “enough” right about now? We haven’t had any rain for quite some time which is starting to get a mite scary.

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