towards winter

frog pond skaters

mitten weather

the weather has gotten increasingly colder
and we’ve had a bit of snow here and there
regardless, it always feels like winter when the Frog Pond opens for skating
this weekend will certainly look like winter as a snowstorm is in the forecast
I’ll be doing some Christmas baking
and helping my college boy fill out grad school applications (ugh!)
and writing holiday cards
and sorting through and editing some photos
as a company in the UK contacted me through Flickr
and is interested in selling some of my images
and I just may take them up on their offer

plenty to do
in these last days before Christmas

Hope you have a warm and wonderful weekend!

17 thoughts on “towards winter

  1. Lovely winter images of the skating rink and that mitten shaped hanging decoration. I’ll be doing similar things as you this weekend: Christmas cards and mincemeat for mincepies! Well done for your Flickr contact in the UK who want to sell some of your images!

    1. Mincemeat pies! Oh those bring back memories…my grandmother used to make those every Christmas! Thank you Sandra! As for my contact on Flick, I have to say that for all the complaints about the Flickr site, I’ve gotten some really good contacts lately.

  2. Beautiful winter images, Susan!
    We are in for a storm too, but it sounds like MA may get more that is forecasted for here.
    Either way, I am guessing a white Christmas, and for that I am thankful.
    Stay warm and safe, and enjoy your weekend!

  3. Beautiful images, love the mitten ornament. I have been missing the snow this season. Well, until I think about driving in it. Congrats on the UK contract. Sounds like your days are similar to mine, minus the snow. 🙂 Have a warm and safe day!

  4. Lovely pictures of winter. Congrats on the potential photo gig in the UK. I have a flickr account but I’ve never uploaded my photos there. Maybe I should, along with continuing Pinterest.

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