closing time


Sunday along the Charles
empty chairs and empty tables

lady in red




window shopping

“Closing time – every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…”
~ semisonic

as November days are coming to a close
time to head in from the cold
students are looking forward to Thanksgiving break
the rain turns to flurries
and t-shirts are traded for woolens
and soon
it will be Christmas time in the city

Have you started your shopping yet?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

20 thoughts on “closing time

  1. Beautiful shots. You’ve really captured the November mood. I love the composition of that first image with the soft autumn leaves in a soft blur and those imposing black railings. Your last shot is wonderful with the deep midnight blue in the street and the contrast of the brightly lit store, so well decorated with chandeliers and objects and clothes.
    Have a wonderful weekend too!

  2. I really like the depth of field in these. The focus seems to be on the most important part of the cityscape. It seems obvious that is what we should do but it doesn’t always work for me.

  3. Oh my, how the square has changed! Susan, these are brilliant, creating mood and sense of place. So lovely you bring out a deep longing in me to revisit.

  4. Thanks to your photos, I feel like I’m there!
    Hey, I’d like to use one or two of your Great Meadows photo (crediting you) on my next blog post. IF that’s okay with you, would you e-mail me a couple?

  5. oh here are some of those lovely street scenes. I love getting a look at your city. It’s been a couple decades since I’ve visited and remember how much I enjoyed it. These are really lovely images. I guess the US Thanksgiving is coming up soon — wishing you a truly warm and joy filled Thanksgiving.

  6. these shots are so beautiful, they tell such a story and the lighting is superb. I am so jealous of your incredible talent, you always make me gasp when I see your photos. I am having a real problem getting on your blog through blogger as now your blog doesn’t show up on your profile and when it does it doesn’t allow me to comment as I am not in your circle. I have gone through your flickr page and that has worked!

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