orange crush

lined in orange

in the pumpkin patch

orange you glad

orange you glad?

20 thoughts on “orange crush

  1. talk about crush! The first time I ever saw such gorgeous trees was October of maybe 1985, I was 15 and on a trip to Washington DC with my folks. On our cab ride to the hotel one would have thought I was from space because I just kept saying and with much excitement, “These are the prettiest trees I have ever seen!” I always get excited when you East Coast gals share your fall with me.

    Love your friend

  2. These are beautiful. They brought a big smile to my face because I didn’t get to see the completion of fall color in Michigan. There were still lots of photos to take but not enough time. 🙂

  3. Such beautiful tones of orange and I love the framing of the last one and the contrast of the dark tree trunk with the soft orange leaves and some green in the background. Pumpkins are such wonderful shapes and colours to capture. I love the twisted stem of the one you chose for the foreground!

  4. I love the overwhelming warm orange in these pictures, especially the one of the lane lined with trees, such beautiful shadows on the ground too. You really caught the beauty of an autumn moment! 🙂

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