there's a chill...

there’s a chill in the air
many areas around us had frost this morning
it will come any day now for us
the leaves are falling
and all those lovely colors are turning to brown

I took a breather today
stayed inside
tired of all the running around I’ve done this week
and the many late nights (cheering on the Red Sox!)

although, tonight I will be off again
my son’s orchestra is performing at Symphony Hall in Boston
but I may need something stronger than this tea
before heading out the door once again…

wishing you all a warm and cozy weekend ahead!

17 thoughts on “friday

  1. How did you get the steam to make those wonderful designs? This must be a cup of my witch’s tea brew, without a doubt.
    Have a wonderful time at the Boston Symphony watching your VERY talented son perform. Exciting!!

  2. Getting very cold here too, but I am heading to Boston for the weekend, and am hoping for some good weather.
    I just love this photograph.
    Have a great time tonight, and a wonderful weekend.

  3. how exciting that your son is performing at the symphony! I love how you captured all those lovely curlicues in the steam. Happy weekend to you.

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