autumn glow

good morning October!

autumn light

shining through

these trees surround my house
and everyday I wake up to this glorious light and color
rain or shine
dawn or dusk
they cast this beautiful glow

Wishing you all a glowing weekend
my friends!

43 Comments on “autumn glow

  1. Beautiful trees for you to enjoy! I’m sure you can take a huge number of pictures and yet get a different light every time. Have a wonderful weekend too!

  2. Simply gorgeous! I love the luminous quality of that second image and the perfect sun flare in the last one!

  3. You out did yourself again Susan! Truly lovely images! Gorgeous, really! Have a wonderful weekend! Robyn

    • As usual, I’m late responding to comments here…so thank you Robyn for your kind words. I did have a great weekend, thanks! Hope you did too!

  4. What a beautiful sight! Our trees won’t turn yellow for a few more weeks so thanks for sharing your fall foliage.

  5. Such a beautiful glow – sometimes I think we should just live in tree houses, but being surrounded by them is probably the next best thing. Hope you get to keep watching that show as much as possible!

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