back to the woods…

over the river and through the woods...

back float

raindrops on red

now that the mosquitoes are not so bothersome
I’ve been taking more walks in the woods
how I’ve missed this
the fall colors are getting more vivid each day
and the weather has been so spectacular

I spent most of last week working on my photography
editing images
playing with textures a bit
enjoying the whole process

after falling through the cracks last March
I finally have an account with Getty Images
I completed the whole process this week
and my accepted photos are now with the editors
waiting for final approval

while it was never really my intention to do stock photography
(and I know I won’t be making millions!)
it might just be nice to have a little seed money
to put away for lenses and other accessories

I hope that you all are enjoying the weekend
I hope to catch up on my blog reading tomorrow
because this week, I’ve fallen way behind…

44 thoughts on “back to the woods…

  1. Today was way too hot here at the beach… with annoying swarms of gnats (thankfully not mosquitoes.) I cut the walk short because it was so warm. First time I’ve actually seen folks out in the water (other than the occasional impervious kid). NO wind whatsoever. That was kind of weird.
    Glad you’re enjoying your fall weather and colors!

  2. Hello Susan, so nice to visit you here on your blog! That second photo is especially beautiful! Have a wonderful Sunday! Greetings from Sandra

  3. These images are really spectacular Susan. I love the mood you have captured through the tones, lighting and simplicity of the composition, which is a hallmark of all your work and why I love it so much. Congrats on Getty! It sure is nice to get a few extra bucks now and again for new lenses and such!

    1. Thank you Sherry for such nice comments! And thanks also for the congrats…maybe ten years from now, I’ll be able to purchase a macro lens! šŸ™‚

  4. Congratulations! I had no idea a person could apply. I thought they were out there with “scouts” looking for images. Bravo to you. I love this beautiful collection of autumn images — each one beautiful

    1. Thanks Diane! Well, it used to be that you could send them a small portfolio of 10 images (which I did) but apparently it’s all different now. Now everything is done through Twitter. They now send out tweets asking for certain types of images depending on their current needs.

  5. Hey! Beautiful, beautiful photos. This is such a sweet evocation of fall, as you scroll/fall through it. And that’s great to hear about the stock work – I hope it goes well – like you said, why not?

  6. These are just stunning – such beauty in the leaves! šŸ™‚ The one with the water droplets on it, I love the colours in that an the way the droplets almost seem to form a pattern on the leaves! And good to hear you will selling some of your images – I hope you make lots of millions! šŸ˜‰

    1. Well I hope my readers don’t get too tired of all my leaf photos, I’ve gone a bit crazy with them lately! Just because my photos are for sale doesn’t mean that they will sell, but I appreciate your optimism! When I make my first million, you and I will travel the world! How’s that?!

  7. Beautiful images of the fall in your neck of the woods! I’d love to hear how Getty works out for you. A few friends told me I should put my photos up there but I’ve been staying away from stock photography for now.

    1. Thank you! I’m just doing the stock thing for fun and I certainly don’t expect much. I’m retired and I have some time on my hands…so why not?!

    1. It certainly has! As for Getty, they have approved four of my photos so far, waiting for two more…and then there’s two that I need model releases for. So it’s happening. Just gives me a little something to work at since I have retired from teaching, not really about the $.

  8. Lovely photos, all. I can’t pick a favorite! Congratulations on getting started with Getty Images! What a feeling that will be, the first time you see one of your images being used by someone else. šŸ™‚

  9. By the way, I expect you know that Getty and Flickr have ended their relationship, and Getty is making 35 million of its images free to use on blogs and social media.

    1. Yes, I got the email a couple days ago. I’m sitting tight right now as it sounds like they have some options in the works. We shall see! There’s a new stock photo company that I recently became involved with and hopefully they will be up and running soon.

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