falling for Paris


you are probably a bit puzzled about the title here
but I’ll explain in a minute…
first of all, it was a very fun yet busy weekend
my “Ohio son” came home, along with some friends, and we all attended the wedding of his best friend
the first of his old high school friends to marry
it was a perfect autumn day and a very beautiful wedding



everyone left yesterday
and I woke up to a very quiet house this morning
a typical Monday
until I got a call from my husband
informing me that we may have a trip to Paris in early 2014
such wonderful news because we had previously planned a trip
that fell through when his French business colleagues came to the US instead
so my Monday was definitely improving here!

later in the morning another nice surprise came my way
when I happened to open my Flickr mail
and found a message from a business in Paris
that is interested in licensing some of my photos
for their brochure and ad campaign
at first I thought it was a hoax
but after getting more info
and researching their business
it seems legit!  so now we just have to work out some details..

Tres bien!

si passionnant!!

now I’m off to brush up on my Rosetta Stone French…

55 thoughts on “falling for Paris

  1. oh my word! Talk about awesome news! The business in Paris who wants to use your prints and the trip to France! Wow. Good stuff. So happy for you and I will of course be looking forward to your images of France next year! Great weekend too. Must feel strange. I know before I know it I too will be in your position. Still holding on tight and praying lots with my 18 year old.

    1. Thank you Tracie. I guess I’ve reached the point where I can start focusing on things other than my children…since my boys are grown now and most of the college tuition has been paid…now I feel that i have the chance to try some new things, travel to new places. At some point, you need to let go…everything in it’s own time, I guess.

      1. Now it seems they are trying to shut everything down, government run or not! Ridiculous and totally unnecessary…just to drive a point. Canada is looking really good right now!

  2. Congratulations! You’re such a wonderful photographer so I’m not surprised that they want to use your photos. I’m so excited for you that I can’t even think up any high school French right now. I’ve also been brainwashing myself with Italian so that can be pretty confusing. Mucho gusto! 🙂

    1. Thank you Sheila! Ha, I took French in high school too, and Spanish at the same time…I remember mixing them up quite a bit 😦 Spanish was definitely easier as far as accents go…so gracias mi amiga!!

      1. I could never get that French accent down either. I love the Mark Twain quote about how he couldn’t get the people in France to understand that he was speaking their language. For some reason, the French national anthem stuck with me but that’s about it. That and important words like chocolate but at least that’s pretty much the same in most languages.

      2. Same here, so after giving this language thing some more thought, I may give up on my French! I hear that they really don’t appreciate Americans butchering their language…and I would certainly butcher it!! Chocolate is an important word to know though!

    1. Paris has been on my bucket list…I’m the only one in my family who has never been to Europe. I think it’s about time! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

    1. So very kind of you Sherry, but I must tell you that I don’t accept awards…while I’m very honored and so happy that you enjoy my photos, I feel that everyone who shows up here on a regular basis and shares their thoughts, images, stories, etc., deserves an award. I do thank you though, Sherry!

      1. I totally understand, Susan. I’m glad you’ve taken it in the spirit it was intended…And yes, I do completely agree with your point about awards.

      2. Thank you Sherry, I’m so glad you understand and I didn’t want to come off as ungrateful. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

  3. This is an afterthought, but it wouldn’t be pixopolitan would it? They are mass contacting people through flickr. I declined their offer because of their smallprint. If not, then congratulations and all the best. Cheers.

    1. No, it’s Getty for sure. My account is all set up and a few of my photos have been approved and are currently on their site. Just waiting for a couple more to be accepted at this point. Thank you for the congrats!

  4. Congratulations as you move forward on this part of your journey. You have touched so many of us with your talent; it is so appropriate that your work be recognized.

  5. Congrats – hope it all comes together for you – very exciting! Looking forward to seeing Paris travels through your lens. 🙂

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