the last beach day

the uninvited guest\

hangin' with the peeps

beach girl

surfers and sailors

last sail

Point Judith Light ll

Point Judith Light

the last day of summer was warm and balmy
while everyone was off to apple festivals and orchards
we squeezed in one last day at the beach
and it was glorious!

farewell summer

until next year…

23 thoughts on “encore

  1. Again I’m amazed that you make me see familiar scenes in a different way! I love seeing those delicate feet of the birds as they strut around. We also squeezed a beach day in last weekend and forced ourselves to go swimming, figuring it might be the last chance for this year. Now onto fall and hopefully lots of reading by the fire!

    1. It was a beautiful beach day, wasn’t it? Love the beach during the off season, with no crowds!! Now reading by the fire sounds like to perfect thing to look forward to! Thanks Sheila!

  2. Visiting you here from Sherry at Still and All and so enjoying your beautiful photography! We sometimes bump into each other on Flickr and so it’s lovely to come and say hello here too!

    1. Sandra! How nice of you to visit! I actually do read your blog quite a bit but I’m really bad at leaving comments…I apologize for that. I do love your amazing images both on your site and on Flickr!

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