come in

“Not knowing when the dawn will come
I open every door.”

~ Emily Dickinson

I plan to open some doors and some windows this weekend, as it’s forecast to be much cooler and drier.  Looking forward to spending time outside…maybe apple picking or a local street fair…

Hope you are able to enjoy the great outdoors too…happy weekend everyone!

29 thoughts on “open

  1. Noticing a change in the air here, too. Love the changing of the seasons…. especially after this warmer than usual summer.
    Intriguing image for your theme. Enjoy your outdoor adventures.

    1. It was a great weekend..nice fall-ish weather. I’m happy to hear that that hot weather has left you! Hope to finish up some editing and post some weekend shots soon.

    1. We had some hot days but then the cold front just pushed through with some showers right before the weekend. It’s cool and crisp and fall-like now…and I love it!

    1. Please don’t apologize, I’m having the same problem with many of the blogs I follow, including yours at times 😦 So happy you can at least find me occasionally..thank you for your kind comments!

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