sunday scenes


a beautiful sunday afternoon
in Concord
and the river was full of people and canoes
we were on foot
but after watching these rowers
you can bet that the next time we visit
we will have oars in hand
I’m thinking this would be a nice fall activity
as the foliage along the river
should be spectacular!

23 Comments on “sunday scenes

  1. Yes, we’ve rowed down that river to much success (ie, we never capsized, even with Henry the dog sitting stern). Bring a bag lunch, a cold can of drink, and you’ll have a spectacular day. (Oh, and of course bring your camera – some interesting water life along the way…)

    • I was thinking of you guys that day Pam!! I can’t wait to go back and try it! Happy to hear that it was a success!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. As a great author once wrote “Believe me, my young friend, there is NOTHING–absolute nothing–half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Simply messing,’ he went on dreamily: `messing–about–in–boats; messing—-“

  3. It looks like a beautiful place! I’d love to float down that river. Can’t wait to see your fall pics when you visit.

    • Thanks Becky! I was very jealous of all those people floating down the river on such a beautiful day. Hoping we have good foliage viewing this fall!

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