summer snapshots

summer nights






by the falls

over the falls

fly over

we traveled a lot this summer
through six states
enjoyed some outdoor concerts
ate our way through farmer’s markets
had the best ice cream ever
celebrated birthdays
hiked and biked
swooned over some amazing falls…

and  just loved
being in the company of family and friends

I now have memory cards full of memories
and it will take me forever to get through them all…
but for now,

we still have a few weeks of summer left
and we are going to savor each and every moment!

28 thoughts on “summer snapshots

    1. Thanks so much! I had never been to Niagra so it was a sight to see. Although, next time I’d like to get to the Canadian side…looks like more fun!

  1. Looks like an ideal summer. Savor it and then go back and do it again with the memory cards!
    Loved the second to last shot best, but the guys clinking mugs brought a smile, too!

    1. Thanks Gunta. It was kind of a change for us as we usually spend a week or two in one vacation spot, but this time we were all over the map for shorter periods of time. The verdict is still out – not sure which I like better.

      1. Sometimes mixing it up is a good thing. You don’t have to pick a favorite. Personally I tend to get a bit itchy spending more time in one spot. If I travel I usually prefer to keep moving, but there are special spots where a few more days to visit are required. It’s all good! 😉

      2. It is all good! I guess the only thing I didn’t like about this trip was the many hours spent in the car! The highways bore me after awhile.

    1. Less than that now 😦 I am busy enjoying the remainder! Thanks for your kind words Pam. Hope to get back on a better blogging schedule once Andy gets back to school.

  2. I am so glad you are having such a fantastic summer, Susan.
    As always, your photographs are wonderful, and I truly look forward to seeing more as you go through them.
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Lisa, hope you enjoyed your summer as well! And hope too that you had a wonderful weekend…I”m late responding to comments, too busy with end of the summer stuff. Hope to get back on track come September!

  3. Sounds perfectly sane – enjoy it while you can – come February, we’ll be wistfully scrolling through our archives, sighing over those summer images. That might turn out to be a good time to work on them and get them posted!

  4. I do love that second to last shot with the close-up of the water peeling over the falls…such detail. And yes, it looks like you guys had a wonderful summer. How nice for you. 🙂

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