on the wings of summer




this is the summer of the hummer!
seems we have more of these little guys than usual this year
last night, while eating dinner on the deck
two hummers were chasing each other
flitting around our dinner plates
stopping in mid air
to look right in our faces
as if to ask
won’t you share a bite?

26 thoughts on “on the wings of summer

  1. Hmmmm, and we’ve had far fewer. Same with the bees.
    These photos are just gorgeous, Susan.
    They are such tough little ones to photograph, but you have done it so beautifully here.

    1. That is strange. We have had more bees this summer than I’ve seen in a few years…although certainly not as many as we should have 😦 Still trying for better shots of those hummers!

  2. You’re lucky! One flew very close to me while I was in that garden in my post – so exciting! They don’t come around where I live, but we’re getting another fantastic visitor – a Pileated woodpecker has been feeding just a foot or so from a glass door onto the deck. Talk about fantastic! Your encounter at dinner must have been wonderful.

    1. Thank you, although I’m not exactly happy with the clarity, I’m still trying to come up with some better shots. I’d prefer to capture them in the garden if I could, rather than around the feeder.

  3. You’re making me miss my hummers so. We had feeders all around the house then with year-round visitors. Then in the spring there was a migration of another species that caused a flurry for several weeks. Could never remember which were the Anna’s or the Rufous. They had me filling 4 quart containers daily and they were a feisty bunch… very territorial about their perch on the feeder. I wish I’d had the camera handy back in the day when all six ports had a hummer on it, with others in line to take over if one took off. Can’t seem to find a good spot for a feeder at the current house. I’d have them buzzing the feeders as I carried them into the house to fill them.

    1. Wow, I would have loved to see that Gunta! They are pretty feisty. I see them chasing each other around the yard when I’m in the garden. So fun to watch, you must have a spot somewhere to put a feeder?!

      1. I keep looking for a spot where I could hang a feeder that might provide the best conditions for them and for watching. This house just isn’t situated as well as the previous place we had.

  4. Beautiful! You’re reminding me I need to refill my hummingbird feeder. I was gardening this morning and a hummingbird came to visit me several times, flying around the feeder and chirping quite loudly. I think I got the point!

      1. I refilled our feeder yesterday and we saw 3 of them coming over this morning, arguing about who would feed, even though there are 4 feeding spots. Yes, their chirping is interesting, especially when they’re arguing!

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