through the looking glass

hosta blossoms

dragonfly summer

balloon flower

just a sip

of coneflowers and butterflies

tightrope walker


charlotte eats lunch

charlotte's babies

the guest

a bee-utiful day

globe thistle

little moments in the garden
up close and personal

50 Comments on “through the looking glass

  1. Just stunning, Susan…although I could have done without Charlotte and her off-spring.! 🙂
    The detail on that green dragonfly is amazing.

    • I hear ya! I’m not a big fan either but since I’ve been photographing them lately, I have a little more tolerance for them. This one was actually kind of cute…in a weird sort of way!

    • Thanks Tracie! I’ve been using a set of close up lenses. Hope to someday get a good macro lens.

  2. Wow – some really wonderful images of bugs here – even though I’m terrified of them in real life! I like them on your blog, perhaps it’s therapy for my fear!!!? 😀

    • Maybe I have a new calling….therapist! Interesting…curing people’s fears through photography! Thanks Suzy!

  3. Susan! Those are some incredible photos…wow, that one with all the eyes (are those eyes???)…it’s totally freaky. Great photos!

    • Those spider pics are a little creepy and it’s funny because I’m afraid of spiders but there’s something about having a camera to my eye that makes me fearless. Thank you Carol!

  4. These are remarkable macros! I have never ever would be able to take such fantastic macros. This is a pure art!

  5. I was impressed with your dragonfly shot, until I got to the spiders. Ah, I hate spiders! But the other photos are great!

  6. I love all of them …. except for the photo with all the spiders. I can handle a single spider, but lots of them give me the heebie jeebies! The dragonfly is a stunner!

    • Ha! Seems you are not alone here Shirley! I confess that those babies gave me the heebie jeebies too! Much more fun photographing the dragonflies! Thanks Shirley!

  7. how do you do this? beyond beautiful…I’m at a loss for words

    • I use two different online editing programs – Pixlr and Ipiccy. Someday I’ll probably break down and get Photoshop but these programs are pretty decent for now. I do use a zoom lens for many shots. It’s been the lens I use most, the best purchase I ever made!

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