in the quiet…

of a summer evening
a walk on the lake trails

the beaten path

on the bunny trail



all is calm







except for that angry beaver who was not very pleased with my visit
he kept slapping his tail to warn his friends of me

I took this walk back before it got hot and humid
before the mosquitos came out in swarms
now we are expecting another stretch of 90 degree weather
thinking we may escape to Boston this weekend
escape to inside The Museum of Fine Arts
I could use a little inspiration

How about you?
Any plans?


47 Comments on “in the quiet…

  1. You will think back to these days once winter returns. Plans for the weekend… likely a trip to the beach. (Life is tough! πŸ˜‰ )

  2. the skeeters are thick and heavy here—can’t water the gardens without getting eaten alive! we’ve got plans to go watch a mountain bike race near by tomorrow, but other than that, just trying to stay cool. sounds like a great getaway for you!

    • Hate those skeeters! It’s ok here during the day but after the sunsets they are everywhere! Hope you enjoyed your mountain bike race, sounds like fun!

    • Thanks Milka! Those are some of my favorite trails…waiting for the heatwave to break so I can get back to walking there!

  3. Fabulous, especially love the first and the fifth (the slender leaves of grass)! Have a great weekend, whatever you decide on doing πŸ™‚

  4. These photos are stunningly beautiful! The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is my favorite museum. Enjoy your day!

    • Thank you. I was disappointed that I couldn’t seem to get a good shot of that angry guy! He kept swimming in circles and slapping that tail, then he’d dive under for a few seconds, come up and look right at me. He was not very happy.

  5. Very nice images, Susan…I’m quite taken with the rabbit in the trail and the sunset…so very nice.

    • Thanks Emily! Yes, I was happy to find him swimming in the pond…but he wasn’t happy to see me!

    • Thanks Emily! Yes, I was happy to find him swimming in the pond…but he wasn’t happy to see me!

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