I live for this…

seems like my second home...


it's that time!


planting time


on the patio

after all the rain at the start of the weekend
the sun finally broke out on Monday
and after many trips back and forth to the garden center
I was finally able to get my hands in the dirt
it was so nice to spend the entire day outside
and as you can see, I had some company
which was all good
except for this guy…

here comes trouble

He’s going to be trouble!

32 thoughts on “I live for this…

  1. Remember this when you’re impatiently waiting next winter. I think you get to appreciate it so much more for all the anticipation.
    Lovely images you share with us. That last guy might be trouble, but he’s kind of cute! (Caught in the act?)

    1. You are right Gunta..I do appreciate it even more after a long winter. That “cute” little critter is a terror! He was nibbling on some weeds at the edge of the woods while I was planting. I think he was secretly spying to see what kind of lunch he will be having from the garden this summer!

      1. I stand corrected as my friend Becky referred to it as a woodchuck. Seems this one is a tease and likes to hide in plain sight!

    1. Thanks Charlie, that toad keeps me company whenever I’m outside digging in the dirt…or at least I’d like to think it’s always the same one!

  2. Beautiful! I too live for getting my hands in the dirt and like you, we spent the holiday puttering in our garden. Fabulous photographs, thanks for sharing. Is that a red-tailed hawk and beaver?

    1. Thanks Carolyn, seems we have something in common here! Yes, that’s a red-tailed hawk, we have a nest of them in one of our tall pine trees in the back yard…they are very noisy! The other critter I think is a ground hog and he’s a big menace!

  3. You definitely hit pay dirt. And I cannot believe you live in Northboro (I still use the short version)! Small world indeed. I grew up in the Pine Knoll area. I remember going to Tougas Farms as a child and even took my children there when we would visit my parents. My parents finally moved away about 8 years ago.
    I don’t recall seeing critters like in your last photo, though!

    1. I drive through the Pine Knoll area quite a bit! Northboro is forever changing…many more critters now with all the building happening on what was once their land. We see everything – deer, raccoons, turkeys, possums, rabbits and sometimes a big snapping turtle or two!
      I still go to Tougas Farm to pick fruit and berries…love it there.

      Funny to know that you graduated from the same high school as my kids! πŸ™‚

      1. Could very well be the woodchuck. Last year he managed to chew up many of my black eyed Susans and most of my coneflowers. 😦

  4. Awwww, but he’s so cute, Susan!
    We have a couple of these who hang out at House #2. I love watching them play.

    This looks like Lexington Gardens(?)
    I used to spend half my life there in the summertime! πŸ™‚

    1. I would like them if they would stop eating everything in my garden! No, this isn’t Lexington Gardens but Davidian Farms here in Northborough. I love Lexington Gardens too…I used to work in Lexington and spent many a lunch hour shopping there!

  5. Yes! I live for this, too. You’ll have to get rid of your evil garden vermin before it destroys your garden. Dogs are very effective in woodchuck removal.

    1. So true Becky. We never worried about those critters when our dog was still alive! We were so devastated after we lost him, we are just not ready for another dog yet, maybe someday.

  6. Wait, is that a groundhog?

    My area is full of gophers, squirrels and lizards. All of them cause chaos in everyone’s garden, each snacking on something different but leaving you with almost nothing. I can’t stand critters, except on a photograph.

    1. Yup! One year we had two of them living under my neighbor’s shed. They are almost all of my perennials! I spent all summer chasing them down with the hose! They are relentless.

      1. Unfortunately the same can be said of all critters. They don’t appreciate our hard work in the garden enough to share the results with us. 😦

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