it was time…

memorial 6


memorial 2

girl with rose

girl with rose #2

a single rose

memorial 9

thank you

window at Marathon Sports


Lives lost

to get back into the city
even though it was a day to celebrate motherhood
I felt the need to pay tribute
to the sons and daughters who lost their lives
in the Boston Marathon bombings
as I stood there
I couldn’t help but think
it could have been one of ours
or one of yours
you always think it can’t happen where you live

 after spending time amidst this amazing memorial
along with so many others this day
I was flooded with a great sense of pride for my city
as life goes on in Boston
the birthplace of freedom

No more hurting people. Peace
~Martin Richard

20 thoughts on “it was time…

      1. I felt the same. Hubby had no interest, but we happened by it one day, and I think he was surprised by the impact it had on him. I enjoyed searching for (and finding!) the shoes Jill Biden left there.

      2. Yes, I dragged my husband in with me! It certainly does hit you hard. I didn’t know that Jill Biden left shoes there!

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