this boy…


comes home today
all done his junior year
he performed his first college recital


and just this week, his quintet performed
at a local library
in celebration of Brahm’s birthday

Brahm's Clarinet Quintet

Putting musical accomplishments aside, I have to say that he is so fortunate to have so many amazing, supportive friends at school
friendships that I’m sure will continue long after their college days are over.

  He will be home for a month
before heading to Vermont to take part in a music festival
where he will be studying with

Exciting times for him!

now I’m off to help him with all his laundry…this may take weeks folks!

26 thoughts on “this boy…

  1. Congratulation to the young man! Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful moments and his achievement with us.

    1. Thank you so much Lisa for your nice comments! The music business is a difficult one but he certainly has the passion to make it work out somehow!

  2. I can sense your pride and love for your son. It really won’t be long for me when my boys are coming home from college. You must be so happy to have him home.

    1. It is nice to have him home. It has also been nice to watch both my sons grow into independent adults and yes, you will see one day!

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