an explosion of pink

spring garden




pretty in pink


hello May!

The flowers that sleep by night, opened their gentle eyes and turned them to the day. The light, creation’s mind, was everywhere, and all things owned it’s power.

~ Charles Dickens

47 thoughts on “an explosion of pink

  1. Definitely worth waiting for… and probably all the more appreciated for that long wait. Very lovely shots of your pink explosion.

      1. dear you dont do anything just accept it that will be enough

        if you want to do anything I will help you with that

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        Hi Everyone

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        I hope this is helpful?

        Write soon


      3. Thank you…I am clueless when it comes to technical stuff! I will sit down this week and go through all the steps you have outlined so nicely here. Busy week as I am picking up my son from college and bringing him home for the summer. Thank you for once again taking the time to write these instructions and also for this great award. Best, Susan

      4. no I have have not written but one blogger named Sandra has written that

        take your own time dear
        thank you from the heart

  2. Some of these look like paintings. I love that last one too, like a curtain of flowers. There’s a pink explosion that’s starting outside my office window but these are better!

  3. Oh my goodness, these are truly so beautiful, Susan.
    My neighbor has an enormous pink cherry tree that is in bloom now, but we are in the midst of a long stretch of heavy rain.
    I am hoping they will make it through, because truly they are begging to be photographed! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you Lisa. Yes, we are getting rain too and it may last right through Saturday…but we really need it here as everything has been pretty dry. Hope those blossoms hang on for you!

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