rhapsody in blue


violets are blue




“In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

64 thoughts on “rhapsody in blue

  1. A very blue post – with a nice quote! The first shot is particularly good with two of the flowers appearing to have light shining from them! The others are nice too.

  2. My favorite color. Very nice, unique take on the grape hyacinth – I tried and came up with something too trite to keep. The back lighting of the petals in that first shot is marvelous! You go, girl! Your appreciation of spring is really showing.

  3. Blue is my favorite and these are so amazing. I especially love the blue jay and the bumblebee. That quote is also one of my favorites from the Great Gatsby. I just reread it recently because I wasn’t sure if it was really as great as I thought it was in the first place and discovered that it is.

    1. Thanks Sheila! I’m re-reading it right now. I first read it way back in high school and that was far too long ago! I never realized just how much Fitzgerald referenced color in this story.

      1. That’s funny – I never realized that either! I just love his writing style – in that book especially.

  4. This is so delicious! BLUE, so deep you can fall into it. How I love violets springing up in the grass, and the little blue scilla, and all the rest. Ah, you’re making me long for my old messy, mossy lawn that was full of bright little blue gems in spring. We’ve traded Blue Jays out here for Steller’s Jays, which are different, but equally loud, brash and fun to watch. Your jay looks unusually innocent. You should be proud of this post – it’s lovely.

    1. Such kind words,thank you! I do love my gardens but my lawn is another story…lots of weeds right now! This jay may look innocent but he’s also very squawky and brash!

  5. “Great” quote to go with these beautiful photos…the new version of “The Great Gatsby” movie is coming out soon, I believe…

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