from the top


cranes beach 2.jpg

cranes beach 3.jpg

cranes beach 1.jpg

cranes beach 4.jpg

“No one can give a definition of the soul. But we know what it feels like. The soul is the sense of something higher than ourselves, something that stirs in us thoughts, hopes, and aspirations which go out to the world of goodness, truth and beauty. The soul is a burning desire to breathe in this world of light and never to lose it–to remain children of light.”

~ Albert Schweitzer

23 thoughts on “from the top

  1. Wonderful images. You’re reminding me of the wonderful beaches once you get out of the Metropolitan area. You have me wishing I’d done more of that sort of exploration when I’d go back to visit the folks. Of course there was never enough time.

    1. I only live about an hour from this beach and I wish I could get up there more often. That’s always the way…never enough time! Thanks, as always Gunta for your kind words.

  2. Your photography is so incredible. I’ve seen places like this in person, but your photos show them with so much feeling that it makes me look at scenes like this with new eyes.

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