The Battle of Hop Brook Pond

Hop Brook

it started as a quiet day on the pond
just me and two swans by the banks


up sails

that is, until two noisy geese landed in the water
and all hell broke loose!
Mr. Swan was clearly not happy sharing his space
he got all bent out of shape
his feathers all puffed up
like a sailboat in full sail
he began to glide at a fast pace
toward the geese

the chase

King of Hop Brook Pond

He made it very clear that he was indeed “King of the pond”

angry bird

got his gander up

on his heels

chase 2

chase 4

the battle continued for a good twenty minutes
flapping, splashing, flapping, splashing
that swan was relentless
until finally the geese gave up
and took off for friendlier waters

and the calm once again returned to Hop Brook Pond
that was enough excitement for one day!


Swans – 1
Geese – 0

37 thoughts on “The Battle of Hop Brook Pond

  1. Wow – your photos are all so clear. I love the beauty of the battle. That last one’s great too with the water dripping and it looks like he might be smiling there in victory.

    1. Thanks Sheila. The “battle” took place on the other side of the pond from where I was standing and even with a telephoto lens it was difficult to get a crisp shot. These are very grainy but it was so interesting to watch this play out! That last one was taken when he came back to the banks of the pond. He was certainly a lot calmer by then!

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