pizza night


Pizza is pretty much a tradition on at least one of our weekend nights
usually of the take-out variety
but lately, I’ve been making my own
I love to experiment with different toppings
last weekend’s creation was a hit
roasted tomato, goat cheese and arugula
after spreading out my dough on a baking sheet
I spread on a layer of pesto sauce
then I topped it with some sliced Campari tomatoes
and some crumbled goat cheese
I then sprinkled on a bit of minced garlic
and baked it in the oven for about 15 minutes
when done, I topped the pizza with some arugula
that I had previously dressed in a bit of Tuscan herb olive oil
it was like a pizza and a salad in one!

do you make your own pizza?
what are you’re favorite toppings?  I’d love some new ideas!


43 thoughts on “weekending

  1. There was a time not so long ago when I made my own pizza. The dough was fantastic. Unfortunately, I have lost the recipe :/
    My favourite toppings would be very similar to yours, Soosie. I love Feta cheese, I also love mushrooms and black olive on my pizza . Your photographs are scrumptious. Enjoy your week-end 🙂

    1. A friend of mine goes to the local pizza place and buys the dough from them. I may try that when I’m too lazy to make my own! Your combo of Feta, mushrooms and olives sounds great! Thanks Anyes and hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  2. Of course, you saved me a piece (or three) right???? 🙂
    This looks absolutely delicious, Susan, and I do make my own pizza too.
    No take-out pizza can come close to the “real” thing.
    Happy Sunday to you!

    1. Sorry Lisa, all gone! I agree, take out doesn’t come close and I imagine that your pizzas are out of this world! Happy Sunday to you too!

  3. Oh my, that sounds SO good! I’ve been MEANING to do this; my brother sent me his pizza dough recipe and keeps asking me if I’ve tried it…sigh, I have not as of yet. Thanks for another carrot to lead me in that direction!

  4. Yummy. We don’t make our own, because we have a pizza place in town here that bakes a fabulous thin-crust fresh dough. I always have fresh spinach and frsh tomato on my side of the pie (my man, of course, has sausage and mushroom on his…). But I’m like you – make a salad in my pizza and I’m happy.

  5. Looks and sounds delicious. I buy take away pizza from small non-chain family owned stores and apart from “supreme”, generally find the simple pizzas are the best.

  6. Wow, this looks delicious, but I’m afraid to admit that we’re a Dominoes family. Guess we’re just too hungry to wait for the pizza to bake (and maybe a bit lazy, too)! Happy Sunday to you!

  7. Mmmm this looks and sounds delicious 🙂 We had pizza for the first time in ages the other night – spinach and ricotta with a side salad of rocket (arugula?). It was great!

  8. your pizza looks fabulous! Yes, I have been making my own pizza for several years now. Once I realized how easy it is, and how much better it is than bought. It’s been a ‘tradition’ for several years that my husband and I have homemade pizza on Friday nights. Like you, I too, experiment and change up the toppings all the time. I love pesto but my husband prefers a tomato base so I compromise and he has to love pesto nights too :~)

    1. Thanks Diane! It is a nice tradition! Hard to go back to the take-out kind now. I have to compromise here too as my husband prefers meat on his pizza…he will have to wait until next weekend!

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