it’s not just for people!

the housing market must be looking up…

26 Comments on “recycling

  1. Utterly darling shot. What is that thing? Paper, cardboard, cloth? What an environmentally conscious little squirrel.

    • Thanks Gunta. Yes, it’s a piece of cardboard he must have dragged out of our recycling bin that was left outside for pick-up.

    • Thanks Lisa. I was watching him struggle with a big piece of cardboard, dragging it over to that tree. He finally chewed it in half and carried each half up the tree. Pretty smart guy!

  2. this is just the sweetest thing susan! i love squirrels…i know not everyone does…but i think they are so much fun to watch.

    • Thanks Kelly. I do like watching them at times but hate trying to keep them away from my bird feeder!

    • It is pretty amazing what they can build. This one is so far up that pine tree that I can’t see it. Thanks Sue!

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