the promise of spring

snow melt!



dos amigos

things are looking up



and the sun goes down

changes coming about
the last few days
albeit slowly
there are signs
the snow is melting
everyone is out and about
the sky is littered with puffy clouds
and when the sun peeks through
it warms the ย face
it’s happening
a promise is a promise

(this is for my friend Gunta)

25 thoughts on “the promise of spring

  1. Thank you! I knew it would come, if not for the longing, then the promise… ๐Ÿ˜€
    Loved them all, but the ice melt and the lonely hammock both brought a thrill.

  2. Oh, Spring IS on her way! On my wanderings today at my favorite lake, there were wildflowers everywhere, the birds were going nuts and even the wind was warm.

    My two favorites? Have to be the donkeys and looking up through the trees. I have yet to get a decent shot using that perspective. Hope you’re having a good week , Susan!

  3. Indeed, it’s finally beginning to happen. Most of our snow is gone now, but it’s still very cold.
    I was thrilled to see my yellow crocuses in bloom yesterday, BUT I was horrified when I realized that the deer ate every last magnolia bud on each of 2 trees. Still love them, though!
    Will just have to invade the neighbors’ yards for my magnolia photos this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I can sympathize! The deer ate all the leaves off of my Mountain Laurel bushes, but like you, I still love it when they visit me! Thank goodness for neighbors (if their gardens remain in tact)!

  4. There is something about an Easter tree…without the baskets anyway, it beckons to my Pagan heart…flashes past the modern symbols of resurrection and strikes deep into the soul of the earth, that waking spring, cells and life regenerating…wonderful….

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