the spring break…


his practice room


guys and their games

sunshine on my shoulder...

that wasn’t
he worked hard last week
preparing for his solo recital that’s coming up in April
memorizing all 25 minutes of a Bach Sonata
not an easy task
but after hearing it all week, I think I may know it by heart!

He did take a few breaks
to chill
to play computer games with Dad
or to go for a quick run
and to eat
yes, lots of cooking and eating
because there’s nothing like home cooked food!

it was back to school yesterday
just a little more than a month left
then he will be a college senior
how did that happen?

24 thoughts on “the spring break…

  1. A delightful photo essay.
    I’m so sadly ignorant of musical instruments. Is that a broken string in the violin (?) to add to the play on words in the title?

    1. No, but that would have been a great idea, wish I had thought of that! I’m pretty ignorant of musical instruments myself, I rely on my son to educate me! I was hoping that he would have time to relax during this break, but there’s no rest for the weary!

  2. Yeah.. time flies.. I love the chillin’ picture, it’s such a typical 2013-child (not meant in a bad way – I’m definitely one myself :-p), could be anyone, really.. Kind of iconic? Not sure if I’m coming through with what I mean :-p So I’ll just wish you a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks Janell, it was nice just having him around as I’m sure you will enjoy your time with your daughter. Have a wonderful spring break!

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