a whiter shade of pale

balloon flowers



tiny breaths


I love white flowers
maybe because they don’t scream out “hey, look at me!”
they are a simple and unassuming joy
and what they lack in color, they make up for in scent

now if I could magically turn all those white snowflakes into flowers…

42 thoughts on “a whiter shade of pale

  1. I love how the texture of the flower petals really came through in these to make them look so delicate. Yes, please do turn those snowflakes into flowers! 🙂

  2. I can’t believe they’re actually naming the winter storms now! You know you’ve had too many when you hit “U” or beyond. Wishing you could turn those snowflakes to flowers, too. (Though I have to admit to preferring color – been trying to pawn off a white dahlia and calla lilies that just wont’ quit in my yard.)

    1. Haha, I prefer these storms remain anonymous thank you! Oh, send those white flowers to me! (although I don’t think they would thrive here ): )

  3. I’ve been trying to kill off the calla lilies out in the front yard (they make me think of funerals) and they keep coming back stronger than ever….. arrgh! The dahlias are OK, but I hate the way they fall over at the first hint of a wind storm.

    1. What I really miss are the lily of the valley from my younger days back east. Can’t seem to get them to grow out here. I’ve tried.

      1. They are a favorite of mine too. The ones growing in my yard are originally from my mother’s garden. I think of her everytime they bloom in May. Such a nice reminder of her!

  4. White flowers are definitely my favorite flowers to photograph, and white is not real easy to get “right,” but you have done it so beautifully here.
    These are wonderful, Susan!

    1. Thank you Lisa! Not real happy with the baby’s breath photo as I think it’s way too grainy. I love how yours came out, they were spectacular!

    1. Thanks Natalia! While I’m very honored, I don’t accept awards, simply because I just don’t have the time to play. But I truly appreciate you thinking of me and thank you for visiting. I’m enjoying your site!

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