beach day











beach runner


a Sunday drive to the shore
to walk the sand
and smell the salty air
the sun was warm
and everyone was out and about
soaking up the day

19 Comments on “beach day

    • Yes, funny but he stayed on that rock for a long time, watching the people and the dogs on the shore.

    • I really love the beach off season minus the huge crowds. I am looking forward to warmer weather though!

  1. I could tell there must have been a chill in the air so when I saw the jogger my feet kinda cringed! 🙂 So scenic!!

    • Yes, the air was a bit chilly but the sun was warm. Some kids actually took their shoes off and paddled in the ocean…now that’s COLD!

  2. I love that very first shot of the stairs. That pop of yellow is so cheerful, Susan.

    • Thank you Lisa. We spent some time in Ipswich, Gloucester and Rockport. So wonderful to see the ocean for the first time this year. I’ve missed it!

  3. I love the off-season at the beach…yes, it might be a bit cooler/colder, but the greatly diminished population of humans is worth every goose-bump. 🙂

    I like your photos, too. 😉

    • Thank you so much. Glad you stopped by! I just visited your site and I was completely blown away! Extraordinary work!!!

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