Our Coast is Under Attack

Just sharing some phenomenal captures from my friend Liz on Cape Cod. Beauty and devastation…nature can be pretty fierce at times!

Elizabeth Thomas Photography of Cape Cod

Our coast was under attack! Once again we suffered another major storm. This is the third huge storm this winter that has pummeled our coastline. The newscasters said that between the three storms in the town I live in we have lost 25 feet of beach. It was carved away by the force of the waves. Our town is protected by a spit of land called “Town Neck Beach” that is in front of a large salt marsh. On the opposite side of the salt marsh is our town center. With these three storms the water has breached three new openings through the dunes. The water is now flowing through the dunes and flooding the marsh. As a result during this storm some of the houses close to a mile in from the ocean were flooded because the level of the water in the salt marsh rose so high. Attempts…

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10 thoughts on “Our Coast is Under Attack

  1. They definitely have had their share for the past couple of seasons.
    Hard to imagine that such destruction could become some very, very beautiful photographs.
    Thank you for sharing, Susan, and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Yes, they sure have had their share. I guess nothing remains the same for long, especially in nature! Plum Island has been hit very hard as I’m sure you know. Two homes wiped away…very sad.

  2. Your coast has certainly been getting more than its share. I suggested I might like to live closer to my beach, but you’ve provided more reasons for not doing so. Living right on the beach brings far more uncertainty (tsunamis, anyone?) along with tourists and more sullen weather, not to mention higher prices in real estate. 🙂

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