March-ing in





hangin on.jpg







like a lion!

and that’s all I have to say about that


that I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

32 thoughts on “March-ing in

  1. Really beautiful photographs.
    That poor little squirrel looks like he is not sure what to make of all of it.
    Same here too, but it was completely unexpected.
    It was supposed to be a coastal thing! 😦
    Looks like you got a lot more than we did though.
    If all goes as is forecast here, tomorrow it will be slush.

    Have a great weekend, Susan!

    1. Thanks Lisa, although I didn’t have my heart in it today I’m afraid. Did you get a lot of snow? I think we got more this time than we did during the blizzard! Yes, it’s going to be a slushy weekend ahead, stay dry!

  2. You aren’t kidding! Beautiful photos. I love that you captured so much wildlife, soonie. I didn’t get my bird food out yesterday so all that was there was a suet hanging under a dome. I felt bad watching a poor junco try to fly up to it to eat. It is much easier for them to eat off a tray or the ground. Of course I felt so bad I got dressed and shovelled to the feeder to put some food out. 🙂 Still snowing here right now…worse than the last storm where I live.

    1. Thanks Sue. You are so good to your birds to shovel them out! It just stopped snowing here, it was like someone just hit a switch and it shut off! I agree, we got more snow this time around! Have a warm weekend!

  3. Wow…March really came in like a Lion for you! The one with the fence is my fave! And, that squirrel shot is precious!

    1. Yes, it certainly did! I’m getting a little tired of photographing snow! Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you have a lovely weekend. I’ll be here waiting for the “lamb” part!

      1. The way they mob the bird feeder makes me think of our starlings! Forecasts are saying we might get more snow on Monday. Won’t be much if we do though! Earlier in the week it was so warm. Swings and roundabouts of Spring!

      2. Yes, thank goodness the snow doesn’t last too long at this time of year. We are supposed to have a warm up this weekend. Yay!

  4. Oh that just looks too darned cold. Hope it melts soon and you get to see everything come alive. Don’t forget to spring forward this Sunday!!!

  5. Terrific photos. I’m so looking forward to the lamb part of the month when perhaps a blade of something green can be seen on the ground.

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