over in the meadow









my mind was once the true survey
Of all these meadows fresh and gay;
And in the greenness of the grass
Did see its hopes as in a glass.

~ Andrew Marvell


because I needed to see some green today
I dug these photos out of my archives
seems I’m surrounded by browns and grays lately
and with a storm forcast to hit tomorrow (and last for the next few days)
I may be seeing more white
I just can’t bring myself to use that “s” word!

43 thoughts on “over in the meadow

  1. If it’s any consolation it’s grey and dreary on this coast, too, today.
    Patience, grasshopper. Soon the green of summer will return even where you are! 🙂

      1. I think part of it is because we were spoiled last winter. It was warm and pretty much snow-free. Spring came very early last year.

  2. Oh no, not again!
    You sure have had your share this year.
    Let’s hope this will be the last hurrah.
    I loved seeing these photographs. They are not only beautiful, but they remind me of a warm summer day.

    1. I’m hoping that this is it! Thanks Lisa, yes it was a hot summer day and unfortunately these were taken at the height of day, not the best time for photos…but I liked all the green none the less.

  3. Green… like an old friend coming to visit. This “s”-bound thanks you for breaking up my monochromatic world today. BTW – I just gasped when I saw the first photo, it struck me so.

    1. By the way, I love the images with the bridge and the tunnel-view of the lake (?) through the trees…seems like you softened them a bit…very nice touch.

      1. You’re welcome…I considered posting a green, tree shrouded trail this morning…but opted for the white mountains…go figure. 😉

      2. Your photo is just beautiful! The mountains are beautiful in a blanket of snow. (I don’t dislike snow, I actually love it, I’m just ready for a change. It’s snowing here again today!)

      3. Thank you, Susan…and I agree on both counts…I do love the snow-covered mountains, and the snow itself…but am very ready for the change of Spring. We’ve gotten a bit of rain, here in the valley, and the mountains have received another 3-6 inches….. Seems like it will be a while before the canyon and mountain trails are clear…..

      4. Rain! Lucky you! We got about 2 feet of fresh snow yesterday, although it’s pretty warm today and it’s melting now…I don’t think winter is done with us yet! We’ve had snowstorms in April!
        Enjoy your weekend and think Spring!

      5. Two feet…good grief! I don’t want any more like that for a long time…wow…no, it doesn’t look like you’re done yet. You have a good weekend, too…and yes, hoping for Spring…thanks. 🙂

  4. GORGEOUS shots and loved your Junco it last blog I just made one of mine a star in my online store LOVE THEM and with the sounds of spring they will leave 😦

      1. Mine get fed away from mean birds and Hawks hope they will be OK without me protecting them 🙂 400 lbs of Sunflowers used by them and the rest by this weekend

      2. 🙂 Yes I get 50lbs of Sunflower then cracked corn and then thistle and safflower and finch delight at times love my birds THEY EAT BUG hate bugs 🙂

      3. 🙂 and I hate poison with well and organic garden Lady Bugs dragon flies are good

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