antsy in the suburbs








MLK Faneuil Hall 006 

Winter in Boston 



I’m starting to miss Boston
we’ve had a few quick trips in for concerts
and the theater
but I really miss just wandering around
people watching, taking in the sights
I’m starting to think about the Red Sox
Opening day at Fenway
the swans and the swan boats returning to the Public Garden
frozen yogurt at Pinkberry
concerts on the Esplanade
Ricotta Pies in the North End
the carousel on the Common

Don’t get me wrong, I do love hiking the trails here in the ‘burbs
and observing all the wildlife
but lately I’m yearning to observe
the wildlife of the city
there’s something about being in Boston
something about the energy there

just waiting for some of the snow to melt…

and speaking of Boston

my son’s friend,  Jesse Hanson,  released her first cd a few months ago
the release party was at Club Passim’s
she’s awesome
check this out!

31 thoughts on “antsy in the suburbs

  1. Wonderful photos, Susan, and I get what you mean about missing the Big City Lights and excitement. I’ve been feeling the need to get to a big city soon. Keep talking to my husband about going to hockey game in St. Louis or Dallas. One of these days . . . !

  2. Thanks for the trip down memory lane….. both yours and Jesse’s. I miss Boston every now and again, though I’m quite happy where I am now.

    1. I hope it brought back some fond memories! I spent every Sunday in Boston (for five straight years) with my son for his orchestra rehearsals at Boston University. I walked miles around the city when the weather allowed. I miss it now but that being said, I’m not sure I could actually live there. It’s just nice to visit!

      1. I grew up in Boston, moved to the West Coast in 1968. It takes a bit more to revisit from here, though I’ve done maybe a dozen cross-country trips over the years. Last visit was about a year and a half ago. I think Boston is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. I don’t miss the weather though.

      2. I love the west coast too! I’m sure your weather is a lot nicer than what we’ve been experiencing here! I agree that as cities go, Boston is one of the best (minus the snow!).

  3. great urban images of Boston. I know exactly what you mean about missing the energy and daily ‘sightseeing’ of the city.

  4. What a beautiful series of images this is, Susan, and so perfect in black and white.
    I love your use of selective color in the one with the Citgo sign. Just perfect.

  5. You’ve got spring fever for sure (this is common for New Englanders as soon as the Red Sox equipment truck leaves for FLA) LOL!
    My favorite photo is the two windows with window boxes…love the reflection in the window on the right side.

  6. I’ve been missing Boston too and I’m also just waiting for the snow to melt! I love how you have the Citgo sign in color, like a beacon calling out to us.

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