just the beginning 




beginning to end




now for the fun part

it crept in quietly
with a whisper
teasing us
just another false alarm?
but then it grew dark
and it’s voice got loud
the howling winds
the bending trees
the swirling and drifting snow

by morning we were buried

now I feel like we have finally had a winter

weather like this forces us to slow down
take a break
live for the moment

 there’s nothing like a New England blizzard
to make time stand still

17 thoughts on “Buried

  1. The storm left you with more snow than those of us a little south. Five inches of snow graced us with a beautiful morning. Indeed, winter has finally arrived. Stay warm! Robyn

  2. OK, so you are in New England — now I see you are definitely right in the path of that storm!! I love the wine, a warm fire, and a good book. You got some great photos, especially that one of the porch that I also saw at Flickr but love the pair of adirondacks in the snow.

    1. Yes, Massachusetts to be specific and we caught the brunt of it all! But it was fun and luckily we did not lose power so we stayed nice and warm. Thanks so much for all your kind words Diane, they are always so appreciated!

    1. Thank you Lisa. After reading your latest post, I imagine you are very used to large amounts of snow. This must look like nothing to you! Now that we are all dug out, I plan to just wander around and enjoy it! Happy Sunday to you as well!

    1. Thank you! And thankfully no, we did not lose power. Did you? Looking forward to seeing your photos on Wednesday! I guess any blizzard photos will pretty much speak for themselves! (:

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